Zoran Zaev and Hoyt Brian Yee Meeting: Everyone should support the democratic process of forming new Government


Today, the President of SDUM, Zoran Zaev, accompanied by the Vice President Radmila Shekerinska and the General Secretary Oliver Spasovski, had a meeting with The Deputy Assistant Secretary of U.S. Department of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Hoyt Brian Yee and the U.S.A ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily.

A strong support for the democratic process in the Republic of Macedonia was expressed. After the credible elections and the newly elected President of the Assembly by the established parliamentary majority, the democratic process will move forward with the election of a new Government in Macedonia.

The new President of Parliament was elected through a legal and legitimate procedure, in accordance with the rules, laws and The Constitution. President Zaev indicated that we will be prudent and determined in continuing the democratic process in Macedonia by forming a new reform Government.

He announced that Gjorge Ivanov will receive an official notification from the new President of Parliament, informing that the parliamentary majority has been formed and asking Ivanov to fulfill his constitutional obligation and give the mandate for government formation. In addition, there is a Programme of the new reform Government, which guarantees the unitary character of our country, with respect to our Constitution, and a firm position on the Euro-Atlantic perspective of Macedonia. Ivanov will be reminded of the new government’s programme and its content, although it has already been published for the domestic and international public. With this Programme, Ivanov’s unreasonable requests and conditions for giving the mandate have been exhausted.

The parliamentary majority has an obligation to fulfill the will of majority of the citizens, expressed through the credible elections. President Zaev stated that the parliamentary majority will fulfil that obligation. He continues to explain that the new government will constructively cooperate with the future opposition in interest of the democratic reform process. However, at this point, it is for VMRO-DPMNE to accept their place in the opposition so the tensions can stop.

The violence in the Parliament, which resulted in physical assault of members and employees of Parliament and the journalists, was strongly condemned at the meeting. It was established that there is a need for rationality and sensibility on all sides in order to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. It is of outmost importance for the progress of Macedonia to be dedicated to developing a unified society providing justice and quality of life for all. In addition, the leaders of the political parties and the institutions need to abide by their duties and responsibilities in order to support the democratic process in Macedonia.





Skopje 01.05.2017

Center for Communication with the Public
Social Democratic Union of Macedonia



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