The Parliament has a President, Veljanoski will face responsibility


The Assembly of The Republic of Macedonia has a new President, elected by the parliamentary majority, in accordance with the rules, laws and the Constitution.

The regime has fallen.

The democratic process will continue with the formation of a new Government for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

It is the majority will of the citizens that makes decisions, not a group of violators and criminals.

The government formation is a key national interest. Acting against national interests is a serious unconstitutional and punishable offense.

Trajko Veljanoski has already been a direct participant in Gruevski’s scenario, for inciting tensions, divisions and hatred in our society. For months, he allowed the violation of the Rules of Procedure in Parliament. By blocking the democratic process of electing new parliamentary President and a new government, he was directly involved in the unconstitutional endangerment of civil and national interests. Hence, Veljanovski, together with Gruevski, Ivanov and Chavkov are the key actors in the organization of the attempt to murder members of parliament and attack journalists and assembly employees.

The investigation of the violent event in Parliament will further prove the involvement of Veljanoski in the terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security.

The violators and criminals will face responsibility. Soon, there will be justice and life for all in the Republic of Macedonia.

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