The parliamentary majority will fulfill their obligation towards the citizens, nobody should think of blocking the process


The new president of Parliament, TalatXhaferi, has been legitimately elected, in accordance with the rules, laws and the Constitution, supported and recognized by the international community. We have commenced to fulfill the majority will of 700 thousand citizens, expressed on credible elections. The process will continue with the democratic formation of new reform government.

Nobody should think of blocking the work of the newly elected president of Parliament and the formation of new government. That would be an unconstitutional criminal act, punishable by law.

The fact that VMRO-DPMNE has been blocking the processes in Parliament and the formation of new government for 5 months now, is negatively affecting the stability of our country. In addition, it is blocking the citizens’ interests. If we already had a new government today, all workers would already have an increased minimum salary of 12.000 denars. That is only one example demonstrating the loss our citizens’ experience due to the personal interests of Gruevski and few people, who are aggressively attempting to prevent the democratic transfer of power.

We urge the institutions and their respective employees to take responsibility in fulfilling the will of the majority of citizens. The lack of institutional protection was precisely the reason why the criminal aggressors almost killed the members of Parliament, the employees and the journalists. They have commited a crime “Terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security”, as defined in Article 313 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Public Prosecutor need to secure justice, and the organizers and perpetrators must be held responsible.

The parliamentary majority has been reasonable and cogent in dealing with the attempt of civil, interethnic conflict and state of emergency incited by Gruevski, Ivanov, Veljanovski and Chavkov.

We will continue to lead the process in a composed and astute manner. At the same time, we urge the citizens to remain calm because the attempts for conflict and violence are only beneficial to Gruevski and his associates, who believe they can escape the changes bringing justice for allin Macedonia.

The parliamentary majority will fulfill its obligation towards the citizens. The democratic process moving towards EU and NATO will continue, because that is the only path to securing a better future and higher quality of life for all citizens in Macedonia.

Skopje, 01.05.2017

Center for Communication with the Public
Social Democratic Union of Macedonia


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