We are determined to establish functioning institutions and a new reform Government will be elected!


We have made the first important step towards fulfilling the will of 700 thousand citizens.

As a parliamentary majority, we have elected a new President of the Assembly, through a legitimate procedure in accordance with the Constitution, laws and regulations. This was done transparently, in front of the entire domestic and international public. Our strategic partners, the USA, the EU and the entire democratic public acknowledged this important step towards restoring democracy in the country.

Next, TrajkoVeljanovski should step down from the function and allow the democratic procedures to continue with providing the mandate for the formation of a new Government.

The parliamentary majority is determined to establish functional institutions, democracy and justice in the Republic of Macedonia.

The violence that occurred in the Parliament must never be repeated. Nikola Gruevski, Gjorge Ivanov, TrajkoVeljanoski, MitkoChavkov and a group of their associates will be held responsible for inciting the violent attacks on the members and employees in the Parliament, as well as the journalists. They will be held responsible for all other crimes and misdeeds they have committed in the past.

We have established stability, persistence and calmness in a period of intense provocations and violence, demonstrating our dedication to the national interests. We will be moving forward in the same manner.

We urge everyone not to succumb to Gruevski’s destructive scenarios, aimed at backsliding the democratic process and the EU and NATO integration of our country. On December 11th, the majority of the citizens voted for changes and life in Macedonia, thus, it is our duty to ensure we fulfill their needs and choices. Following the election of the new president of the Assembly, we will elect a new reform Government for the citizens.



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