The will of the citizens will be realized to the end. Citizens should not succumb on the scenarios of Gruevski


The democratic processes continue after the legitimate election of a new Assembly President of the Republic of Macedonia, TalatXhaferi.

Nobody can diminish the faith and will of the Macedonian citizens, as well as, their determination for life, justice and the Euro-Atlantic perspectives of our country.

The domestic and International public have strongly supported the unblocking of the Parliament. A clear message was sent to the falling regime that they must withdraw before the majority of over 700.000 citizens, represented by 67 members of Parliament, who what to live in a democratic and prosperous Macedonia.

The top priority for the citizens and the country is to respect the will of the majority, expressed through credible elections, and promptly transfer the ruling power, in accordance with the Constitution, rules and laws in the Republic of Macedonia.

Now, the institutions must take all necessary measures to protect the national and citizen’s interests.

The horrific violence towardsthe legitimate representatives of the citizens in the Parliament is a result of the VMRO-DPNME policies of conflict, hatred and divisions, inciting civil unrest. These undemocratic and uncivilized plans of Nikola Gruevski, supported by Gjorge Ivanov and Trajko Veljanoski must never be repeated.

Everyone who participated in yesterday’s violence in the Parliament, must be held responsible. In addition, the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE must answer for all the other crimes they have ordered and carried out.

We urge the citizens to remain calm and not to succumb to the directed scenarios, by Nikola Gruevski and the criminal group around him, who want to provoke instability in order to escape responsibility.

By electingTalatXhaferi as new President of the Assembly, we have made a crucial step toward restoring democracy and the rule of law in the Republic of Macedonia.

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